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About Natasha

The inspiration behind NatashaNotables is Natasha O Edwards, a platform for Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs to share definitive stories, NatashaNotables is intended for Start-up, Small-scale business, and growth companies, We assemble a great cast of professionals to help break down a “Forbes List” simplified standpoint into the Lifestyle of Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs as well as a news source for Nigerians in Diaspora
As an addict for all things creative, the past, present and the future inspire her.
Natasha enjoys looking at the world through different angle and is able to share her views from a different perspective.
“My thing is everyone has a story and how you tell it depends on you” …Natasha Edwards

19. January
- by Natasha

The Amazon Project TV show – For young Nigerian entrepreneurs

Young and creative Nigerians are set to get a chance to bring their dreams to life in a new reality

19. January
- by Natasha

All you need to know about Cash Tranquil

Cash Tranquil is a community of people helping each other, in the uni

25. December
- by Natasha

Merry Christmas to you and yours

We are incredibly thankful for all of your continuous support throughout the year, looking forward t

12. December
- by Natasha

Abideen Adelu and Murtala Sanni win $1M during African entrepreneurship award

During the 2016 African entrepreneurship award, in Casablanca, Morocco two young Nigerian entreprene

07. December
- by Natasha

Chairman, Board of Directors, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, advice to young business owner on how to qualify for funding

Are you a young business owner, an entrepreneur in Nigeria, Chairman, Board of Directors, First Bank

25. November
- by Natasha

Linda Ikeji turns down $2M partnership deal with LIS

Young Nigerian entrepreneur and Africa’s biggest blogger Linda Ikeji 36, turns down  ($2m) partne